Professional liability insurance represents just a few of the many overlooked coverages for a large number of organizations across the country. In our increasingly litigious world, liability protection can make the difference between staying in business and failing to do so. In the case of an individual, liability can make the difference between practicing in your field for many years to come and no longer being able to practice at all. So the importance of professional liability insurance in a general sense becomes pretty clear. But for whom are these coverages applicable? For whom are they indispensable?Most professional liability coverages exist to protect those who provide services, rather than goods. These services range from psychotherapy and massage to electrical work, construction, and architecture. In the case of professionals in the medical field, the coverages are often referred to as medical malpractice. The liability exposure increases dramatically when you provide services to an individual or group of individuals, especially when those services have the potential to cause personal or physical damage. Even if you’re in the right, legal fees can add up quickly, public opinion can be fickle, and not every court decision is fair and rational. There’s only one reliable defense – professional liability insurance. To learn more, contact us.