Human Resources professionals and employees agree: current benefits communications strategies are not working. Less than a fourth of HR professionals believe their employee benefits communication efforts are very effective. Even fewer employees feel they have enough information to make knowledgeable decisions when it comes to their benefits.

So what can an employer do to improve their benefits communications? Check out the tips below to find out.

Avoid Information Overload

If your go-to method of disseminating benefits information is emails and stacks of printouts right before open enrollment, you need to rethink your approach. Too much information at once overwhelms and confuses employees. This leads to poor engagement and leaves many employees stumped on which benefits are best for them.

Instead, employers should distribute information year-round in small and easy to understand formats. Employers can review one benefit at a time and provide a period for employees to ask questions. By guiding them through their benefits one step at a time, you are not leaving them to muddle through a quagmire of information on their own.

Go Beyond the Written Word

Relying on emails and printouts to distribute benefits information is easy but ineffective. Most employees receive a multitude of emails on a daily basis. Employers do not want to run the risk that their employees will forget or lose these important emails.

Instead, employers should schedule meetings with their employees. This will give them the opportunity to address concerns. Some employers are even bringing in benefits experts so employees can ask their questions in a one-on-one setting.

Leverage Social Media

Internal social media platforms are a great way to communicate benefits and increase employee engagement. However, very few companies are seizing this opportunity. Internal social media channels can remind employees about benefits events, open enrollment deadlines, and more. The primary benefit is an increase in employee awareness about their benefits.

Many HR professionals and employers know that improving benefits communication is crucial to increasing employee engagement and understanding of their benefits. However, it can be difficult to implement these changes. Contact the experts at Leverity to learn how to improve your benefits communication strategy.