Shippers once relied on the fact that carriers were liable for freight until it was delivered safely at its destination. Recently, however, the contracts negotiated between a shipper and a carrier often blurs the lines of who is responsible in cases of cargo theft, injury or property damage during the transportation of freight. It’s important for you to understand the real risks of transporting goods by busting some common transportation liability myths.Myths Busted

Here’s a list of real liability issues you need to understand as they may affect your liability the next time you tender a load of freight:

  • An FMCSA carrier safety record doesn’t protect you from liability
  • A claimant’s attorney can move up the supply chain and find a shipper liable
  • Broker/carrier contracts aren’t standard so read the fine print
  • Having insurance doesn’t necessarily shield you from liability
  • A broker may not cover everything that happens during the transportation of goods
  • There’s a difference between domestic and international transportation liability

Transportation liability insurance is complicated but the experts at Leverity Insurance Solutions can help. Contact us today to help gain real peace of mind when shipping freight.